Koi Pond App Reviews

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iPhone 5 support needed

I love this app and have had it for years. It would definitely go on my top 3 favorite apps of all time. But I now have an iPhone 5 and would love for it to be upgraded for the wider screen. Retina display would be great as well. Thank you for this little joy.

Best relaxation app!

Ive been using to app to fall asleep for years and I love it. The sleep timer doesnt work anymore though, it just endless loops.

Needs an update

This has been a great app for years. It was on of my 1st purchases on my 3G. But it needs a graphics update and some other minor things to keep it up to date.

Best app with a bug!

This is still the best app, this was one of my first purchases for my IPhone 3. Not complicated and I love the holiday theme every year. My only complaint now is that the sleep timer is broken, it does not turn off anymore. Please, please, please fix this.


This was one of my favorite simple apps but the developer(s) havent updated this since Ive had it on the 3Gs so it looks terrible and has functionality issues (obviously)... Its a shame this was abandoned... However there is another app called iFish Pond that has very nice realistic graphics and some fun options, the only downside is that the fish wont nibble your finger lol...

USED to be a great app

I mostly use this for the relaxing sounds as I drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately since iOS 6, the sleep timer is broken and development on this product seemed to have ceased. Too bad. Really loved this app before. If this is how the Blimp Pilots operate, I wont even consider buying another of their apps.

Koi pond iOS6 support lacks

No sleep timer means I will no longer use this app. Too bad support seems to be a forgotten word these days. Throw it away if it does not work.

I know how to get around the bug!!

I loved falling asleep to this app. Hated when the sleep timer stopped working. This is how you get around the problem. Go into your clock and choose the timer feature. Scroll to the bottom and select "stop playing" choose how long you want your sleep timer for and go to sleep. It WILL turn off the koi pond when the timer is finished.

A personal favorite

This was the first app I ever purchased and its the only app that Ive used on every iPhone Ive had.


Could have a few more sound options maybe, and the one other tiny thing Id change is that the sound doesnt fade in when the app opens. Its very abrupt and sometimes startles me. Overall a very relaxing app though.

Update for new iPhone 5

How about an update for the new iPhone 5? Otherwise, this is a great little app.

iPhone 5 support.

Great overall, but would like to see an iPhone 5 update. Loved this app on my 3G and would love to enjoy it even more!

iPhone 5 support and more sounds please!

Itd be awesome if this optimized and had the bamboo fountain sound effect. Other than that, this app is amazing!


Loved this app... But no update for more than three years is a shame. iPhone 5 support? Retina?

Picture quality is kinda bad...

I bought this a three years ago, and I got a new phone and account. But I have to say, as much as I loved this koi pond, I feel like the graphics could improve. There are other koi ponds that have clearer picture quality than this one, that I didnt have to pay a dollar for.

Was good but...

It hasnt been updated since 2009! The fish look blurry in my opinion and could be more HD and retina display compatible. Plus needs to be updated for iPhone 5.

Update needed

Love the app, helps me sleep every night. But I think the sound playing in the background (like all of my music apps) would be an improvement. Possibly some new sound choices as well

My very first app, still a favorite

Its too bad that support for this dropped almost 4 years ago, cause this was my favorite app. This is what inspired me to get a iPod touch all those years ago because I was so impressed with the water graphics. Would love to see this come back.

I loved it but....

It wont let me download the app on my new I-phone...

Encourages poor posture

Sometimes, when relaxing with this app, rather than sitting straight up and holding the phone upright at an angle, I find myself hunched over, holding my phone flat. I finally realized that I was unconsciously trying to hold the phone flat so the water wouldnt spill out! Some app!! Posture aside, the colorful fish and the soothing sounds are frequently a welcome de-stressor during the day. Thanks, guys!