Koi Pond app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 1072 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: The Blimp Pilots
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 30 Jul 2008
App size: 9.39 Mb

Clear your mind.

Imagine gazing into a pond of crystal clear water.
Picture bright, playful koi swimming through its shallow depths.
So close... Can you touch them?

You run your fingers across the cool surface of the pond.
Water ripples away from your touch.
The koi, disturbed, dart away.
Only to quickly forget and swim close to you once more...

Now imagine all this on your iPhone or iPod touch!

Koi Pond by The Blimp Pilots


- Touch Reactive
- Dynamic Water Simulation
- Virtual Fish
- Display Options

Koi Pond is a proud member of the App Treasures label. For more great indie games visit www.AppTreasures.com

2.0 Enhancements and Features:

- Improved Water Simulation (Now with Refracting Koi!)
- Brighter Pond! (optional setting, ON by default)
- More Distinct Color Options!
- Less intrusive "i" button (It fades over time and will "wake" if you move your finger near it.)
- Feed Your Koi! (Shake to feed!)
- Finger Nibbling! (Hold your finger very still and see what happens...)
- 3d Sound! (Try Koi Pond through your headphones!)
- 4 Layer Ambient Soundtrack (Mix and match sound layers for just the right ambiance.)
- Volume Control Slider
- New Koi! (Hes a tancho kohaku!)
- Movable Lily Pads (Touch Drag to move.)
- Help Screen (Press the "?" button that appears in the lower left corner, this also fades over time like the "i" button)

2.1 Enhancements and Features:

- Sharper Graphics
- Multi-Touch Water Ripples

2.2 Enhancements and Features:

- New "Nibble" Vibration Option (default is on)
- Holiday Mode!
From November through December of each year there is a new "Holiday" Button in the upper left of the main screen.
Pressing this button will toggle Holiday Mode on/off.

Holiday Mode contains:
- 2 New Holiday Koi!
- Holly Leaves
- Festive Lights
- Shake for Sleigh Bells while Feeding
- Special Holiday Koi Food

2.3 Enhancements and Features:

- Rain ambient effect. Listen to the pond in the middle of a storm and watch the rain drops disrupt its surface.
- A new koi - hes a Kumonryu.
- A Blimp Pilots newsfeed tab has been added to the options shelf - stay up to date with all the latest Blimp Pilots news!

2.5 Enhancements and Features:

- New Koi! (Tancho Sanke and Gin Matsuba!)
- Sleep timer! Simply select the timer duration, then listen to the relaxing sounds of your koi pond as you drift off to sleep!
- A new selectable tile background theme for your Koi Pond!

Pros and cons of Koi Pond app for iPhone and iPad

Koi Pond app good for

Ive been using to app to fall asleep for years and I love it. The sleep timer doesnt work anymore though, it just endless loops.
I loved falling asleep to this app. Hated when the sleep timer stopped working. This is how you get around the problem. Go into your clock and choose the timer feature. Scroll to the bottom and select "stop playing" choose how long you want your sleep timer for and go to sleep. It WILL turn off the Koi Pond when the timer is finished.
This was the first app I ever purchased and its the only app that Ive used on every iPhone Ive had.
Could have a few more sound options maybe, and the one other tiny thing Id change is that the sound doesnt fade in when the app opens. Its very abrupt and sometimes startles me. Overall a very relaxing app though.
How about an update for the new iPhone 5? Otherwise, this is a great little app.
Itd be awesome if this optimized and had the bamboo fountain sound effect. Other than that, this app is amazing!

Some bad moments

This was one of my favorite simple apps but the developer(s) havent updated this since Ive had it on the 3Gs so it looks terrible and has functionality issues (obviously)... Its a shame this was abandoned... However there is another app called iFish Pond that has very nice realistic graphics and some fun options, the only downside is that the fish wont nibble your finger lol...
I mostly use this for the relaxing sounds as I drifted off to sleep. Unfortunately since iOS 6, the sleep timer is broken and development on this product seemed to have ceased. Too bad. Really loved this app before. If this is how the Blimp Pilots operate, I wont even consider buying another of their apps.
No sleep timer means I will no longer use this app. Too bad support seems to be a forgotten word these days. Throw it away if it does not work.
Loved this app... But no update for more than three years is a shame. iPhone 5 support? Retina?
It hasnt been updated since 2009! The fish look blurry in my opinion and could be more HD and retina display compatible. Plus needs to be updated for iPhone 5.
Lack of retina graphics and a truncated screen that doesnt support the iPhone 5 or 5s make say, "stay away" unless youre still on a 3Gs or lower